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FBM 6 Pack 25t Sprocket 1/8
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $40.00
FBM Cross 25t Black Sprocket 1/8
List Price: $58.80
Our Price: $49.00
FBM Belmar Handlebar 8"x 10d
List Price: $78.00
Our Price: $65.00
FBM Double Fister Grips
List Price: $13.20
Our Price: $11.00
FBM Sticker Pack (10 Random Assorted)
List Price: $9.59
Our Price: $7.99
FBM Slim Pivotal Seat Faux
List Price: $39.59
Our Price: $32.99
FBM Crown Royal 2 Stem
List Price: $75.60
Our Price: $63.00
Pivotal Seatpost
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $24.99

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About FBM Bike Parts

FBM is a bike manufacturing company which manufactures BMX bikes. This company has started recently with the aim to be one of the best BMX bike manufacturing companies in the world. According to sources, although this company is new, there have recently gone online. This means that all of the products are manufactured by FBM are available on their website and can be purchased off the website just like their bike seat. Sources say that although the bikes are of high quality, customers are not willing to pay the extra price to the company probably because it's new company.
According to sources, since the company started recently, FBM has managed to become popular and also doubled their sale in the last year. As another marketing strategy, FBM has reduced their prices in order to make bikes more affordable the customers. This also enabled the company to increase production by mass-producing.
The products that are available from FBM include BMX bikes and BMX apparel and gear. The apparel and gear includes all items from helmets to socks and shoes. The prices that FBM offers are slightly higher than the prices of the competitors. Sources say that even then many of their customers believe that the quality of the products is better than the quality of products of some other companies. Bikes are manufactured by FBM can be purchased online and their website or from dealers store in the United States. Some of the models or products that FBM manufactures are BMX bikes, BMX cycling shirts, bike stem, BMX pants, BMX biking gloves, bike sprocket, BMX biking accessories.
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