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Road Bikes

Road Bikes

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Surly Pacer Complete Road Bike Racin' Green
List Price: $1,410.00
Our Price: $1,175.00

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About Road Bikes


Road bikes are one and the same with racing bicycles. They possess drop bike handlebars as well as multiple gears, although some of them vary from single and fixed gear, no bike freewheels. In addition, road bikes utilize narrow and high-pressured tires to minimize rolling struggles. Because of such, they are to an extent lighter than any other types of bikes.  If, as early as now you are interested to own a road bike or consider cycling as a sport, we recommend for you to turn to leading brand names such as Cannondale, GT, Marin, Novara, Raleigh and Scott.
Road bikes may also refer to a kind of bike, which are used mainly on paved roads. To name a few of these bikes are touring bicycles, hybrid bikes, utility bicycles, roadster bicycles and recumbent bicycles, even BMX bikes could be considered a type of road bike. 
Touring bicycles main function is for bicycle touring. They are known to be tough and comfortable. Moreover, they can provide storing room for heavy loads. The second classification of road bikes are the hybrid bicycles, which its tasks include different recreational and utility applications. One can use them either on pavements or relatively smooth courses.
Meanwhile, the utility bicycles are intended for commuting or doing errands. More specifically, roadster bicycles are varieties of utility bicycles made in the United Kingdom. Last but not the least, the recumbent bicycles are also aimed for recreational and utility purposes. However, one would be left uneasy riding the said bikes because one is required to sit in a reclined position. 
If you need advice on which bike to buy, we recommend talking to a fellow enthusiast at your local bike shop. You have extra time and money, we deeply suggest for you to take a closer look at our shop. From here, you would realize there are additional mesmerizing bicycle pieces that you might also want to embrace especially when you are planning to go road biking.


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