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Biking With Kids

Biking With Kids

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About Biking With Kids

 Biking is a fun activity especially when it is shared with the whole family. Older kids can drive a normal bike and the little ones can also drive their own bikes. Kids bikes are one of the common toys played and enjoyed by the young ones. Younger children can tag along with their parents using child seats or trailers. Topeak and Ibert are leading bike child seat brands. Sunlite is known for their children's trailers. There are different sizes depending on the age and size of your kid. Make sure your child is wearing a kid's helmet, like those from Lazer and Giro


It is important to get an appropriate size of kid’s bikes. A bike that is too big for the children cannot be controlled well because they may not be able to reach the pedal or the handlebars and a bike that is small for the kid is absolutely not comfortable to ride on. Children’s bikes have plenty of colors and designs to choose from when it comes to frames and parts, like bike cassettes. Kids will surely enjoy bikes with attractive and catchy colors. Bright red or hot pink can be a perfect color of bikes for a girl child and green or blue bikes are perfect for little boys. Schwinn and Shimano are popular childrens' bikes manufacturers.


Kids may not know how to balance and it is important to guide them while they are learning how o drive a bike. Most kid’s bikes have two smaller wheels for support. These bike tires are really helpful for a kid to enjoy his or her bike without learning how to balance his or her weight on the bike. Wald makes training wheels for kids who have not yet mastered bike riding. Bell brand bike bells can be used to alert pedestrians or other riders. Campagnolo offers a variety of Childrens bike appar


Adult bikes and bike seatposts are also available in our store. You may want to look for the designs available and who knows? You may just find the one that you are looking for.


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