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When suspension forks first came out, they were considered a novelty. Today, almost all kinds of bike frames come with forks, even inexpensive models. Adding suspension forks to your bicycle is a great way to upgrade your bike, according to sources. Suspensions make the riding experience more fun and comfortable. How much suspension can be determined by the type of bike. Road bikes like those from Profile Design, require less suspension because the road remains generally even throughout.  However, mountain bikes, will need some extra suspension because of the heavy terrain. Rock Shox suspension is perfect for heavy duty performance.
Aside from comfort, suspension forks also provide just as much protection as bike helmets, especially when traveling over rough terrain. Suspension forks are designed to absorb the impact that commonly comes with jumping over rocks, bumps and other obstacles on the road. It is important to keep the best drivetrain components available such as those offered by FSA and Campagnolo.
Bike forks utilize different construction. Despite their various forms, they all seek to work whenever the bike tires roll over bumps. Odyssey makes thick tires made from heavy material which are ideal for bumps.
One thing about using forks is that riders can control a bike’s suspension settings. The setting called preload involved the amount of pressure applied to the spring by the rider’s weight. Suspension travel, on the other hand, is the complete allowable up-and-down movement. Both settings contribute to the bike’s overall performance and comfort. For complete control over your bike steering, a reliable handlebar set, such as those from Ritchey, are best. Race Face grips offer extra grip control for perfect steering.
Another mechanism associated with bike forks is called damping. When the fork is compressed, the damping mechanism produces air or oil to control the fork’s movement so that it doesn’t repeatedly bounce up and down. Some forks are available with a compression damping adjustment, which can control the rate of the shock compression. Surly forks are well known for this feature. Don't forget to read's About Us section for more information on the founder, Jesse Stein, and the core team's principles on operating the web's leading biking destination. 
There are several suspension features that come with bike frames. Forks can also include a lockout knob that can make the fork rigid, thereby preventing unnecessary bouncing during a climb. Shimano Tiagra is a very popular brand with performance cyclist that many bike suspension components. Keep tools handy for any necessary maintenance. Bike-specific tools are available from Crank Brothers.

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