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Bike Saddles & Seatposts

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About Bike Saddles & Seatposts


Bike saddles and seatposts are among the important elements of a bicycle just like the bike shifters. Saddles are the bike seats and Seatposts are the supporting tube of the saddles. Saddle is the preferred term to the bicycle seats because it carries some and not all of the biker’s weight. The weight of the biker is distributed to the biker’s arms and legs. A seat is something to comfortably sit on carrying your entire weight and this term is not appropriate for the bicycle’s seat. Stylish bike saddles include Brooks and WTB.


Every biker wants a comfortable seat just like they want sturdy bike wheels. Bike saddles can be worn out easily depending on the use. It is not necessary to get a soft saddle if you need a comfortable one. Too soft saddles cannot provide comfort than you thought. It is also important to pick saddles that are not too narrow to hang your side bones over the side and not too wide to cause inner thigh chafing. Selle Italia saddles are made for comfort. The same can be said for Kore saddles.


On the other hand, bike seat posts are attached to the saddle by clamps. Well-known seatpost manufacturers are Wald and Thomson. There are separate clamps and there are built-in clamps available. Separate clamps are commonly used in traditional and early bikes but are still preferred by some of the bikers today. Built-in clamps are commonly found in modern bicycles. These clamps can be either single bolt, or two nuts and bolts. Moots and Origin8 are reliable brands in saddles as well as other bicycle components.


You can also look for other bike parts in this site like rims and spokes that can possibly feed your interest or even bike forks. You can browse for all the parts you have in mind as long as you want. DT and Wheel Master are leading brands in rims and spokes.


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