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Bike Rims & Spokes

Bike Rims & Spokes

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Acs Wheel Mag Rear Stellar 3-spoke
List Price: $52.37
Our Price: $49.42
Sunlite Rim Strip - 16x1.75 20mm
List Price: $1.22
Our Price: $1.15
Dt Swiss Alloy Spoke Nipple - Green - 14g/ 2.0mm BX/10
List Price: $44.23
Our Price: $41.73

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About Bike Rims & Spokes


One of the most loved hobbies in this world is biking. Almost everyone find pleasure and enjoyment from it—ranging from young to old and middle class to the elite. Simply because it’s the most basic type of transportation today. You don’t have to spend too much if you want to have a good stroll around the park or climb mountain tops. Each part of the bicycle is important for it to function well. For example are the bike’s pedals. Without it, the cyclist can never have full control over the vehicle itself. So it must be seen to it that the bike’s parts are of great quality for maximum performance during the ride.
Bike repair is among the most basic duty of any bike. Just because without them, a bike is useless. These three are responsible for the vehicle’s motion and movement, partnered with the pedal. They are the very reason why the bicycle functions the way it does.
This group also has with them sub-parts which connect them all together. The rims and spokes are only few of those sub-parts. The rim is a metal which is needed to make up a hoop. It holds the tire’s bead in place to allow pressure when the bike is being propelled. Also, it keeps the interior and exterior tubes together, attaching the wheel to the body. On the other hand, the spokes are those rods that connect the rod to the round surface of the wheel. These rods mat be made from stainless steel, aluminum or carbon fiber depending on the preference of the cyclist. Please feel free to browse the site for more products such as the seatposts and clamps that are also essential in your bikes.


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