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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Bike Repair & Maintenance

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About Bike Repair & Maintenance

 Your bicycle is just like your car, only it has fewer parts and doesn’t run on gas. You have to show your bike the same attention as you would any vehicle. When it comes to maintenance and repair, your bike has an entire checklist of things to do ranging from bike locks, pedals, seats, frames, drivetrain and bike steering components. Bike maintenance requires a specialized tool set, and Pedro's tools are currently the industry standard. A bike stand, suck as Topeak stands, can be used to hold your bike in place while performing maintenance.


The very first on the list are your bike tires. Most tires are made of butyl rubber. The disadvantage of this kind of rubber is that it contains microscopic pores where air can escape causing your tire to soften. Inflating your tires every week is crucial to preventing soft tires. Around 90% of your frame, tools, bike storage racks and parts is made of metal. Most of those metal components rotate, turn or move for that matter. Make sure to buy reliable parts from manufacturers like Wheel Master. Lubricating is necessary so that the parts are able to move without grinding onto each other. When you add grease, make sure that you add just the right amount. Popular brands of lubricant include Finish Line and White Lightning lube.


Excess grease will only attract dirt. It’s great that you ride on rough terrain but not so much for your bike. Make sure that you clean your bike and bike bar ends after every trek through the mud. However, don’t wait too long before drying your bike or else the parts might corrode. If you’re not using your bike, make sure to store it indoors and not outdoors. Always be sure to have a bike pump, such as those from Zefal, in case your tire pressure goes low.


Water isn’t the only thing that will make your bike rust. Moisture in the air has the same action. If you are worried about space, bike hooks will do the trick. For other maintenance and tools like bike hooks, check brands Park Tool and Sunlite. When repairing your bike, choose reliable parts from brands like Shimano and FSA.


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