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Bike Pedals

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About Bike Pedals

Bike pedals are probably the most crucial connection between a rider and his bicycle. Hence, they make a tremendous difference in the steering components of one’s ride, and how one’s bicycle executes. There are three main categories for bike pedals differing from clipless, cage and lastly, platform.


If you care strongly about bike drivetrain components, we strongly think that clipless bike pedals would fit your personality. They allow you to rest your foot in place on the pedals. Moreover, they offer extreme stability when one is manning his ride. They are best for cyclists who frequently traverse on the toughest terrains. Crank Brothers clipless pedals are very popular, as are Mavic clipless pedals. Zefal offers bike clips that will fit comfortably in these pedals.


Another common type of bike pedals is the cage style bike pedals. They’re designed to slip one’s foot into a cage that possesses a strap. Although these things can fasten one’s foot to the pedals, it is more difficult for an individual to get out of them. Shimano and Origin8 offer cage style pedals.


Lastly, there’re also the platform bike pedals. They don’t supply a cyclist any attachment between the foot and the pedals. For this matter, these kinds of bike pedals are not suitable for persons who are fond with bike climbing. Generally, they are appropriate for amateur riders who mostly want to land their feet on the ground if they feel like they have lost their coordination and balance. Clearly, the type of bike pedal you need depends on the type of bike you are riding with the type of components it has, such as bike bearings and tires. A local bike shop should be able to help you figure out what kind of pedal you need. There are many platform pedal manufacturers, for example Campagnolo and Sunlite. Kore pedals and Dimension pedals are also high ranked brands.


As we have mentioned the pros and cons of various bike pedals available in the market, we deeply hope you can make the perfect choice. To assist you more with your present concerns, we hugely suggest you buy from trusted brands such as Look pedals.


If you’re still seeking additional biking parts and bike electronics and accessories that are proven essential for one’s smooth ride, then you should as well look into our bike grips, mountain bike pedals, road bike pedals, cleats, pedal accessories and BMX pedals.


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