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Bike Forks & Suspension

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About Bike Forks & Suspension

Bike forks are the part of the bike that hold the wheel and allow for steering. Marzocchi and Surly are well known bike fork manufacturers. Bike suspension forks are added to bikes that ride on heavy terrain. It is most common to find suspension forks on mountain bikes, but these days they can also be seen on hybrid road bikes. Rock Shox and Dimension are very popular brands for bike suspension. 

According to sources, in addition to providing comfort, suspensions also improve safety as they allow the front and rear wheels to stay constantly in contact with the ground while keeping the rider’s body firmly seated instead of hovering over the saddle so that the bike can rock over bumps. The Planet Bike suspension pump can keep your bike's pressure steady throughout the toughest rides. You can also find quality bike cogs from this popular brand. 
The bicycle fork holds the front wheel in place and lets the driver balance and steer the two-wheel speed machine. The fork is made up of two blades that are connected through the fork crown, two dropouts connected to the front wheel axle and a steering tube that’s attached to the handlebars. You can look at Odyssey or Sunlite forks for reliable parts.

Together with steering components, the fork allows the user to steer the cycle. You may want to get bike shocks, such as those offered by Topeak, to absorb high impact falls.

Bikes with both front and rear suspension systems are known as full suspension bicycles. Having both forms of suspension will greatly affect your bike’s performance, although there’s the option to get hardtails without rear suspension. With hardtails, you can pedal more effectively, especially when riding on smooth terrain. Bicycles of this type are also lighter than full suspension. Lizard Skins offers suspension fork boots and for fork tools you can look at Park Tool.

You have many options when it comes to suspensions. To know what kind of suspension system to install, determine your needs. If you like to be comfortable even when cycling on undulating, go for full suspension. However, if you want a lighter bike that can perform efficiently on smooth ground, consider one that has front suspensions only. Check out our online store for additional bike parts and accessories varying from car mounts to bike derailleurs to bike fenders.


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