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About Bike Computers

Bike computers are now becoming standard biking equipment for the avid cyclist. Some of the most popular bike computers models are CatEye, Mavic, and Bell. Basic bike computer models allow for the rider to track their miles as well as providing information on speed, time, distance travelled, an odometer and temperatures.

Deluxe models are available in a number of different styles all with specially designed LCD screens. These cycling computer accessories include such items as GPS tracking and navigation. Most models have options for wireless communication. A wireless bike computer allows you to share information with other riding partners. Besides having distance and speed functions you'll have the capability of heart rate monitoring. High end models will allow for tracking of cadence and speed.

All models have readable LCD screens for data output information and deluxe models will allow for you to switch from GPS screen to data screen with ease. Depending on the computer bike model that you have chosen, you will have the capability of downloading data from the bike computer to your home computer. This allows you to graph your numbers and chart your progress over time. Bike computer software is included. Deluxe models will allow for multiple sensors to be used at the same time giving the added benefit of measuring inclination, temperature and altitude.

Basic models are user friendly with a guide, and the deluxe models come with a complete user manual describing all functions, including repair and maintenance. Accessories for mounting are included as well as batteries and bike bottom brackets. Some can even go on your bike handlebars. Serious bikers who want to enhance their training will have a wide range of models to choose from.

Most popular bike computers brands: Knog computers, Polar computers, Garmin computers, Cateye computers, and Sigma computers.

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