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About Bike Brakes & Shifters

If you are getting bored since you are stopped from engaging in some activities, then you must get some biking exercises.  This exercise will avoid you from being stressed. To fully enjoy this new activity, it is important that you are aware of some bicycle parts especially breaks and shifters. Take a look at well trusted brands such as Campagnolo or Hayes brakes.


Brake is one of the bike parts that are primarily used for controlling the speed or to stop a bicycle. There are three main types of bike brakes. The first one is the rim brakes which are said to be the cheaper one. Cane Creek offers a wide selection of rim brakes. It performs well and it is also simple and easy to maintain. The second is the disc brake. Avid is a popular disc brake manufacturer. In this kind of brake, a metal disc is installed in the wheel hub. Once installed, it will work by moving around together with the wheel. The third one is the drum brakes that give consistent braking whether in wet or in dry conditions when the mechanism is enclosed.


Aside from the usual three brake systems, there is also an additional type which is the coaster brakes that are functioning through pedaling backward. Like bike hubs, brakes are also needed to maintain good quality by checking it for excessive wear. Checking the brakes and bike chains should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Should any cables need replacing, Jagwire is the top manufacturer in brake cables.


The shifters are also known as gear control that is functioning to change the speed while driving. This usually put on the handle bars. Like brakers, shifters also have three main kinds. The first is the down tube shifters that are located below the handle bars. The thumb shifters are place upright handlebars for control. Zipp and Problem Solvers offer excellent gear shifters.


There are also other equipment that is very important in biking is the bike crankset, platform pedals, bike saddles and mountain forks. Look at quality products from Shimano and Sunlite. Tektro brakes are also well known amongst enthusiasts.



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